CCA Anouncements

A word about senior pictures...

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We have no studio. Michele and I only shoot on location.    We work around the weather & full time work commitments.  

You should consider starting your senior picture process immediately after completing the junior year.   Our shooting season is May through October.  Erie weather in October can be challenging.  If weather compromises shooting, not having a studio could result in not capturing your images.  Please plan and reserve your time prior to the start of October.  If you want fall colors, we will try, but no guarantees!

Sept. 2020

Wedding Photography

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We have stopped shooting weddings

With exception to family & close friends, we are no longer booking weddings. Working a wedding around full time schedules has become too overwhelming to do the quality work we are committed to do.  

Thanks for understanding!

September 2020

Autumn Portraits

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Autumn photo shoots...

We can shoot after work ( 6pm - dusk) and on weekends.  

Weather (cold, wind & rain) can cause the leaves to fall prematurely.  Snow is possible any time from mid-October on.  We are happy to try to get your images in the fall. We love the fall colors.  We cannot guarantee completing the agreed shoot if the weather becomes an issue, or the leaves you hoped to have in your pictures on now raked into piles on the ground.  

Give us a call and we can discuss your project.

September 2020